Vision, Mission & Objective

1. To boost up the mind and mentality of the students to cope with the modernization and the changing scenario of the society. 2. To improve the ability of the students for contributing to the welfare of the society. 3. To generate the moral. Cultural values and discipline among students. 4. To ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all. 5. To make DSM College, Jhajha one of the most creative, innovative and prosperous colleges of Munger University Munger.
To create an academic culture and extracurricular environment among the students with a view to highlight the need of higher education and to make the students selfconfident, Self-reliant, Self- sufficient, responsible and capable citizen. To change the traditional outlook and to promote the scientific enthusiasm among the students so that they can be free from all negative dogmas of the society. To make students more adaptive and flexible to all situations. 1. To impart sound education to the students with a view to mould them to be upright and bonafied citizens, strongly sensitive to the varied needs of our developing society. 2. To develop strong Self-confidence and knowledge to enable students to project themselves as employable. 3. To develop a strong sense of discipline and dignity of labour among students. 4. To be.... reliant to face the challenges of life courageously and wisely. 5. To help students in equipping themselves to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement by getting prepared linguistically and culturally for them.

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